Yvette Neisser
Poet & Translator
Poems and Translations

Poems Available Online:

"Gravity" and "The Silence after the Performance" in The Sligo Journal, Issue 2, 2012

"Among the Tulips" in Blue Lyra Review, Fall 2012

"After a Funeral" in Loch Raven Review, Summer 2011

"A Question of Friendship" in Foreign Policy in Focus, July 2011

4 poems in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Spring 2011

“So This Is How They Decided to Take Him.” Split This Rock Poem of the Week, Feb. 2011

"Shades of Dawn" and "Eighth Grade" in Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2000

Translations Available Online:

Poems by Maria Teresa Ogliastri in Blue Lyra Review, Feb. 2013

Poems by Luis Alberto Ambroggio in Shabdaguccha, Issue 57/58, 2012

Poems by Maria Teresa Ogliastri in Innisfree Poetry Journal, Fall 2011

Poems by Maria Teresa Ogliastri in Loch Raven Review, Spring 2011

"To the Poet Who Survives" by Luis Alberto Ambroggio, in Beltway, Winter 2011

"Anything to Tell Me I'm Near" by Maria Teresa Ogliastri, in A River and Sound Review, Summer 2010
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